East Carolina Neurology Annouces New Stroke Prevention Clinic

Amanda L.Senatore P.A.-C

Greenville—East Carolina Neurology (ECN) is pleased to announce the opening of a new Stroke Prevention Clinic, being offered on-site at the practice location at 2280 Hemby Lane in Greenville.

"Today, while so much emphasis is put on preventative care and wellness checks, the physicians of East Carolina Neurology feel very strongly that many individuals can avoid life threatening strokes by educating themselves on the risks involved," says Practice Administrator Joseph Hodges.

Eastern North Carolina is reported to have more strokes than even the national average, with 17 counties, including Pitt County, reporting the highest death from stroke rate in the nation. Statistics show that the Eastern North Carolina average is 158 deaths from stroke out of 100,000, compared to the national average of 98 out of 100,000. Strokes are so prevalent in our region that Eastern North Carolina has been named the Stroke Buckle within the Stroke Belt.

ECN's Stroke Prevention Clinic is dedicated to helping decrease the amount of stroke-related deaths and hospitalizations in Eastern North Carolina. Amanda L. Senatore, P.A. heads up the Stroke Prevention Clinic. She will conduct the evaluation, and has access to East Carolina Neurology's staff of adult and pediatric neurologists.

The Stroke Prevention Clinic is equipped with the tools to evaluate patients and determine the diagnostic risks of stroke, while educating patients on the best ways to lower the risks. Lifestyle changes figure greatly into the equation, including healthy eating, quitting smoking, exercising and scheduling regular check-ups.

Candidates for the Stroke Prevention Clinic can be any adult who wishes to be evaluated. While there are medical conditions and behaviors that make certain individuals more susceptible to stroke, ECN encourages existing patients and new patients to schedule an appointment today. "The goal of the Stroke Prevention Clinic is to see patients in the clinic to prevent stroke, not in the hospital emergency department, treating a stroke," Senatore states.

East Carolina Neurology is the largest and most comprehensive neurological medical practice in Eastern North Carolina. Appointments for the Stroke Prevention Clinic or other ECN providers can be made by calling 752-4848, or toll-free at 1-800-775-4840. Learn more about East Carolina Neurology by visiting the website at www.ecneurology.com.



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